Insight Equity’s approach to working with management teams is based on collaboration and support. We believe that the most effective relationship is one where Insight Equity can combine its capital, financial expertise, and operational tools with the incumbent management group’s industry expertise, customer relationships, and product knowledge. One of our first questions will always be: “What can we do to help you achieve best-in-class performance in your industry?”

With this objective in mind, Insight Equity strongly believes in establishing significant financial incentives for management teams so that all stakeholders have a common interest in producing strong returns to the equity owners and building an exceptional business success story.

Working Together

Here at Insight Equity, we are deeply involved and committed to every transaction. We strive to focus on fewer transactions than most private equity firms with the goal of supporting our portfolio companies with more resources to ensure success. We do this because Insight Equity is not just a firm that invests other institution’s capital, but also invests its own – the Insight Equity team is one of our largest investors in our funds.

Insight Equity’s members assume a high level of hands-on responsibility for helping to implement operating improvements and strategic investments at each company, collaborating closely with management team members on key initiatives. We do this to ensure rapid execution as well as guarantee that key resources are made available with a minimum of bureaucratic delay. We encourage our management teams to focus on both short and long-term investment ideas to improve company performance as well as its strategic position in its industry.

Insight Equity believes so strongly in its collaborative approach and current relationships with management teams, that we welcome you to freely contact our company executives. We believe that sincere cooperation, support, and respect between Insight Equity and management teams are essential to deliver extraordinary performance and returns for all constituencies.