• Focus on asset-intensive, middle market companies underperforming or striving to achieve their full potential
    • Opportunities include companies with operational challenges, lagging profitability margins, volatile cash flows, liquidity challenges, overleveraged balance sheets and those undergoing a strategic transformation or pursuing challenging, accelerated growth plans.
    • Experienced with unique situations including corporate carve-outs, public-to-private transactions, recapitalizations, family-generational transfers, restructurings, asset sales, bankruptcies, or capitalizing on transformational industry change.
  • Long term investment horizon with the goal of creating strong cash returns to investors through full potential value creation
    • Restructure, re-energize and/or grow businesses to provide exceptional returns for our investors
    • Create value through operational improvements rather than excessive financial leverage
    • Apply Fortune 100-tested strategies and tactics to revitalize and enhance performance
    • Longer term investors with 6-8+ year investment horizon
  • Manage implementation intensely and collaborate with company management teams
    • Insight Equity seeks to bring more than capital to bear to an opportunity. We strive to add value by collaborating with management teams on key operational and strategic initiatives.
    • Insight Equity supports management teams by augmenting their industry knowledge and expertise with proven value-creation tools and techniques to drive long-term value.
  • Invest our own capital alongside investors’ to closely align interests
    • Collectively, the individuals at Insight Equity are among the largest investors in our funds. This is critical, as it ensures that our commitment to investments will never waver.
    • Insight Equity does not take management or board fees from portfolio companies. Our upside is predominantly generated through equity appreciation, leaving cash within the business to be productively redeployed.

Insight Equity and Portfolio Company Management

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