Control investments in strategically viable,

middle market companies

LDX Solutions

What We Do

We make control investments in strategically viable, middle market companies across a wide range of industries. We specialize in partnering with manufacturing and distribution companies with attractive growth, including corporate divestitures, family-owned transitions, restructurings, and take-privates. We execute quickly and have broad industry experience in our target sectors.

Collaborative Value Creation Model

We leverage a proven collaborative value creation model to facilitate transformational improvements that can lead to significant cash generation and growth. We partner with and support management teams with our operational and strategy toolkit, financial acumen, and capital.

Our Investors

Our investors include endowments, trusts, insurance companies, pension funds, family investment offices, and many others. Also, because of our strong belief in what we do, the Insight Equity principals have historically been our largest investor.

CSAT Solutions
CSAT Solutions

Target Investment Criteria

Target Investment Criteria
Easy Way Products Co.
  • North American headquartered businesses with $50 million - $1.0 billion in revenue
  • Companies with strategic viability and sustainable competitiveness
  • Companies experiencing challenging growth plans or some degree of underperformance
  • Investing $25 million - $100 million of equity per opportunity
  • Investing in complex and special situations where speed is a priority

Target Sectors

Energy Services
Emerald Transformer
Plasman Group
VirTex Enterprises
Infrastructure Services
Hirschfeld Industries
Aerospace & Government
Precision Holdings
Electronic Services
CSAT Solutions
Building Materials
Easy Way Products Co.
Eddy Foods

Operating Approach

Opportunities include operational and liquidity challenges, lagging profitability margins, volatile cash flows, overleveraged balance sheets, strategic transformations, and challenging, accelerated growth plans

Material Sciences Corporation
Focus on middle market companies underperforming or striving to achieve full potential

Create value through operational improvements and apply Fortune 100-tested strategies and tactics to revitalize and enhance performance

VirTex Enterprises
Emphasize strong cash returns to investors through full potential value-creation

We add value by collaborating with management teams on key operational and strategic initiatives and by augmenting their industry knowledge and expertise with proven value-creation tools and techniques to drive long-term value

CSAT Solutions
Hands-on approach with proven value-creation tools and techniques to drive long-term value

We have historically been our largest investor and typically do not take management or board fees. Instead, we focus on equity appreciation, leaving sufficient cash to be redeployed within the business and creating significant financial incentives for management

Walker Group
Invest our own capital and strive to establish significant financial incentives for management teams to create strong alignment with all stakeholders